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Vicar Message - May 2018

Dearly Beloved in Christ,
                              We are now living in a chaotic world situation in which the poor and weak are beaten and broken. The rulers who must stand for justice and peace have zinked in selfishness and violence against poor. Even some of the religious leaders who have to lead the people towards fullness of humanity have also become blind and cruel. The world expects more from the Church, which is a called out and worshipping community for a particular mission.
‘Worship helps us focus on God, fellowship helps us face  life’s problems, discipleship helps fortify our faith, and ministry helps us to find out our talents’.
               In Christ, we see all treasures wisdom and knowledge. After his resurrection Jesus appeared to His disciples and commissioned them to a universal mission.”
Go and make disciples “To a Christian means to be a disciple of Christ. One who comes to repentance and faith and seeking to follow the teachings and life style of Jesus Christ is in their initial path of discipleship. People in full time vocational ministry., such as priest, pastors, or missionaries are in their path of discipleship.
                  ‘Let your Light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven’. We are called as the light of the world. Light always removes the darkness. Light is also a symbol of warning. We have the responsibility to give warning to the world and accept the warning, according to the lessons that we learn from the surroundings and from the word of God.
        I enjoyed the privilege of being the vicar of St. James Marthoma
Church from May 2015 to April, 2018. I thank God for all His guidance and blessings. Our sincere gratitude to all members of the parish, all Ad-hoc committee members, office bearers of 2017 and 2018 for the valuable support.
           May God continue to strengthen all of us to continue His mission in our given situation.            
May God bless us all

Mathew Babyachen


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