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Vicar Message - June 2017

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Worship is the cornerstone of believer’s spiritual life. It reflects the depth of ourrelationship with God. We worship God for all who He is ,His being, character anddeeds and His doings in our personal lives. Reflection up on God’s blessings will always result in a response of worship and praise. A neglect of gratitude willeventually produce a lifestyle of self centeredness .While we need to worship Goddaily in our individual lives every believer also needs the enriching experience of worshipping and serving God with others on a weekly basis especially on Sundays.Bible is the final authority for all matters of faith ,morals and practices. Through theinspired word God the Holy spirit illuminates and guides believes in their Christianwalk and prepares them for their future heavenly destination. To be a channel of the purpose of God is the highest calling in life. Every believer has been given at least one spiritual gift. When we use that gift ,our own lives are blessed and enriched by God as we serve others .Ministering to the needs of others is the remedy for self-centeredness and an inspiration of Joyful living. Our ministry to others is always based on what we have received and experienced from God. We can never give spiritual nourishment until we have first taken it in ourselves. Life is often filled with unexpected problems or crisis. Unrest and despair will darken the way .We cannot escape the pressure and dark shadows in our lives but they can be faced with a spiritual strength and inner calm and courage. Our experience of sufferings can be used to equip us to help others who suffer as we do. Difficulties can either make us bitter or they can fill us with compassion and sensitivity for the hurts of others. As parishioners we are called to be true friends. A true friend loves and accept us just as we are ,stays close to us in good or in bad and is always to help in time of need.(phil:4:6) says ‘Do not worry about anything ,but in everything by prayer’

May God bless us all.


Mathew Babyachen


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