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Vicar Message - October 2017

Dearly Beloved in Christ,
During the month of September our attention was focused on the ministry of Sunday school. The Sunday school movement began in England during the life time of Robert Raikes (1736-1811) who became concerned with the spiritual and social conditions of poor and illiterate children. Since education was reserved for
the wealthy, poor children had no schooling and child labor was exploited. In the midst of these conditions, Raikes began taking children off the streets and taught them biblical truths as well as the ability to read and write.
We have to spend time in prayer for our church Sunday school, the leaders and the teachers who have taken the important responsibility of ministering the Christian Faith to children and youth. One of the basic precepts of the Sunday school movement has always been God’s word must be carefully and systematically
studied by the believer. Christian maturity of our children requires constant discipline. Discipline as training which corrects, strengthens and perfects. “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right”. (Eph. 6: 1)
Obedience is the first law between the creator and his creation. The whole world is regulated by the law of obedience. Man must exercise obedience in every sphere of life, beginning from home as a child, then as a citizen of the state, as an employee at work, and as a member of the Church. Children have to recognize parental authority in their own homes.
We have an excellent example of the fruit of Christian education in the home, in the person of Timothy. As a child Timothy had learned obedience and honor from the scriptures at the knees of his mother and grandmother (2Tim. 1:5). It is important that our children be led to a personal relationship with Christ and instructed in His word when they are young.
Let us thank God for all the senior citizens of our parish.
May God bless us all.


Mathew Babyachen


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