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Vicar Message - June 2019

Greetings to all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,

“All of your dreams can come true - if you have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney Have you ever being insulted or maligned? It’s Difficult being on the receiving end of dispiriting words. Those words can cut to the heart and be difficult to shake off. They can wound us temporarily or even give us a lifetime of pain - a witness to the power of our words.
If this is true - and I believe it is - then the opposite must also be true; encouraging words can lift us up, heal us , and give us hope for the future. So how do we do it? How can we be encouraged, and how do we become encouragers? True encouragement grows out of a deep
faith - walk with God and one another. It requires our time and selfless devotion. It seeks to lift up and heal, helping others grow closer to God, so they can press on in their faith and be better suited for serving in God’s kingdom.

In our church lectionary the month of June is observed as Education day. Education should impart knowledge and that knowledge should mould one’s personality. But it is only possible if you gain wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge for correct behavior. A
person is wise if he is able to use knowledge for correct behavior. There are people who are knowledgeable in a lot of subjects or issues but if he/she fails to apply them appropriately to produce correct behavior, it is useless.

When we say we must grow in wisdom, it means that we are committed to applying or using the knowledge of the truth that God revealed to us. The more we apply or use what we know that more we become wise. Proverbs 2:6 For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. With humility wisdom comes (Prov: 11:2). The true wisdom is to understand God, become his disciple and become one with them. True wisdom is the word of God revealed to the world. Read the Bible regularly and pray every day.
As we live in the period of God’s grace we have to utilize our time to glorify God’s name. We have to comprehend the will of God and walk in the way of the Lord wisely. We have to grow more in the values of Christ. Forgiveness is one of the supreme virtues taught by Jesus.

The Lord’s prayer when we pray empathetically teaches us about forgiveness and forgiving.
These virtues are needed in our personal life and spiritual life. Let us utilize this virtue in our daily living and strive for the body of Christ (the church). God has given us lots of gifts to build up the life and the Church. Let us work together.

May God bless us all
Yours in Christ service


Rev. Santhosh Joseph

(845) 362-8158

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